Make Candy, Bless Lives

We’re hiring!

We are excited to be expanding our business in our hometown and are looking for detail-oriented, reliable, and responsible employees to join our expanding team!

Here’s why it’s great to work at Wolfgang Confectioners.

Positive Environment

Here at Wolfgang, we cultivate a culture where employees are valued. We’re proud to be a predominantly female workforce in manufacturing and pride ourselves on family-friendly policies and a positive work environment. We all have to go to work so might as well enjoy it and make it fun!

Growing Company

In the past 5 years, Wolfgang Confectioners has grown 25% and is currently undergoing facility expansions to grow our business even more. Working with a growing company that is future focused provides exciting career opportunities and on the job learning and training.

Community Focused

Here at Wolfgang, we strive to make great products but also bless lives. Not only do we regularly hold events for our employees (like baseball games, picnics, and the annual Christmas dinner) but we also partner with Life Path Ministries to directly impact lives and give back to our community.

Our Values

BE WILLING . . . Do what is needed for the customer, try new things and push yourself into new areas.
BE POSITIVE . . . See the glass as half full. Your attitude is contagious to all you come in contact with.
BE CONSISTENT . . . Show up, give 100%, do your job and set an example for others.
BE DETAILED . . . Focus on the little things and the big ones will take care of themselves.
BE HUMBLE . . . Customer, co-worker, and company before self.

Employment Opportunities


Fun, fast paced position.  Can include anything from feeding raw materials on to the production line to packing cartons with product.  Must be flexible, as may not be in the same position all the time.  Teamwork is key, as we all work together to product quality confectioners in a safe and efficient manner.

Machine Operator

This skilled position includes being responsible for machines that either produce or pack our product.  Needs to be mechanically inclined to trouble shoot issues that arise.  Is expected to be detailed and accurate when completing paperwork and needs to show leadership ability.

Maintenance Technician

This skilled position involves the maintenance and repairs of production and building systems.  Independent judgment required.  Ensures production is able to continue with minimal downtime due to machine issues.  PLC knowledge preferred.

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