Make Candy, Bless Lives

Wolfgang Confectioners in Central Penn Business Journal

With a new name and a new direction, a century-old York county manufacturer is taking on a different form.

Wolfgang Candy – the 97-year-old chocolate manufacturer famous in York County for its participation in school fundraising campaigns – will now be known as Wolfgang Confectioners 

The change is meant to reflect a larger push by the company away from fundraising and consumer sales and toward co-manufacturing products for other brands and companies.

Since 2016, the company had felt stretched across three different markets: fundraising, retail, and co-manufacturing, said Wolfgang president Sam Miller. “We were doing all three business units, but not doing any of them great.”

After an “environmental scan” of those three markets, the company realized co-manufacturing opportunities “were coming on a daily basis” said Miller. The name change is meant to emphasize the end of consumer sales and the beginning of a purely co-manufacturing business. 

Since the refocus on “co-man” operations, the company has seen immense growth. In just the last year, Wolfgang saw a 346 percent jump in revenue according to Miller.

The name change comes as the company expands into a new 60,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Loganville in York County.

The new facility is part of 2016 purchase by Wolfgang, which plans to add another 70,000 square feet to the building by the end of 2018.

Wolfgang will continue manufacturing and business operations at its main campus in North York. The company has 108 employees.

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